03 Mar 2019 AT 05:35 PM

Wheels of the week: Volvo XC90

The luxury SUV is upgrades your typical family driving experience
03 Mar 2019 AT 05:35 PM
Wheels of the week: Volvo XC90

Appearance: Super SUV

We notice it’s a seven-seater, does that mean it’s a bit of a squeeze? No, quite the opposite. In fact the chairs recline and even have massage functions.

Oh, so it’s like sitting being at the spa? It’s not that relaxing but you could probably fall asleep quite easily on the drive to Abu Dhabi.

That’s dangerous isn’t it? We mean if you’re a passenger, not the driver.

Tell us something unique about this car… It’s got Active Bending Lights, which can beam light around corners.

That sounds like a magic trick. It’s not magic, but it is clever. In fact, the lights are called ‘Thor’s Hammer’, so you could say this is the XC90’s super power.

Cool, so Thor drives one of these? We don’t think so, superheroes fly most places. On his days off he might

Or if he’s tired and wants a massage… Fair.

There’s a big screen on the dashboard, what does it do? It’s a touchscreen to control pretty much everything from the music, temperature, GPS etc. It even works on voice control.

Amazing! Alexa, drive the car for us… That won’t work.

Why not? It’s not that clever, nor is it an Amazon Echo. Plus, it’s more fun to drive yourself.

I suppose if it drove itself it would just be like sitting in a taxi. Yeah, but with free massages. Now that’s worth buying the car for. Well, that’s if the more than 85 cubic feet of cargo space for your camping gear (read: the kids’ gym kits) doesn’t win you over... Time to ready the cool box.

The Volvo XC90 starts from AED175,200.