10 Mar 2019 AT 01:17 PM

Wheels of the week: Range Rover Sentinel

This mammoth new SUV is fit for royalty – and rolling up Sheikh Zayed Road
10 Mar 2019 AT 01:17 PM
Wheels of the week: Range Rover Sentinel

Appearance: Presidential

First of all, is this a car or a tank? It’s very much a 4x4 but funnily enough it is an armoured vehicle.

What, so it’s bulletproof? Yes it’s been constructed in accordance with full ballistic and blast certification. Even the glass and roof are blast-proof.

That’s amazing. Does it fire weapons too? No, although it has got emergency lighting and a PA system so you can address people outside without leaving the vehicle.

Does that mean we can communicate with the cars behind us on Sheikh Zayed road when they’re too close? Yes, you could do that.

Perfect, and we can say what we like as we’re in a bulletproof car… In theory yes but the PA system isn’t really designed to help you throw out insults and drive off.

Speaking of driving off, what’s like behind the wheel of such a beast? It’s very versatile and can take on any terrain thanks to the supercharged V8 engine. So you could take it dune bashing. It does 100kph in ten seconds and has a top speed of 193kph.

Perfect for escaping danger then. Yes, and the wheels have been designed to drive at 80kph even if the tyres are destroyed.

That’s good we’re always worried our tyres will burst in the Dubai summer. Maybe you should get the tread checked.

Good idea, although our car might be designed to drive with destroyed tyres as well... We don’t advise you risk that.

Price to be announced.