Emma Pearson17 Mar 2019 AT 03:55 PM

Bally launches new tennis-inspired kicks

They might not make you the next Federer, but that’s not the point
Emma Pearson17 Mar 2019 AT 03:55 PM

DISCLAIMER: These sneaks will do nothing for your sporting prowess. There will be no miraculous backspins or grand slams once you slip them onto your feet and sporting glory will (probably) not be within your reach. Crowds of adoring fans will not gasp over their (overpriced) strawberries at your legendary backhand and it’s fair to say that the sponsorship deals will remain unsigned. But if nothing else – you will look the part.

The Bally Champion sneaker is back, and if you’re a fan of sports luxe, or you just have a love for the nineties and racket sports, then you’ll want to get a pair of these on your gym sock-clad feet.

Originally launched in the 1990’s, the Champion quickly became a favourite among Swiss tennis stars Jakob Hlasek and Marc Rosset, who favoured the shoes on court as together they won the Grand Slam at the French Open in 1992.

The Swiss luxury brand’s new range is delightfully retro in design, and almost indistinguishable from the original with the same ’90s colour combinations taking you back to gym classes of school days past – without the angry P.E. teacher in a threadbare fleece.

And they don’t just look good. The multi-component rubber outer sole and herringbone mould surrounds a new EVA midsole for cushioning and comfort. Perforated uppers on the lace-up shoes feature fully breathable mesh lining and the tongue is embossed  with the archival Bally Tennis logo.

Spring Summer 2019 introduces four additional new seasonal colour combinations in white and electric blue, white and fluorescent red, black and red and white and pink fluorescent in men’s and women’s styles.

We’ll be slamming those bad boys straight on.