17 Mar 2019 AT 04:27 PM

Wheels of the week: Ferrari F8 Tributo

Take a look at the fastest mid-engined Ferrari yet
17 Mar 2019 AT 04:27 PM
Wheels of the week: Ferrari F8 Tributo

Appearance: Iconic

Cool car! How fast is it? Thanks very much, it does 340kph (211mph) thanks to its V8 twin-turbo engine.

Whoa. Is that fast enough to go through Salik gates and not get charged? We’ve never tried that so can’t tell you for sure, but it’s pretty fast.

That would save us a fortune getting to work… You’ll probably pay more in fines though if you’re doing top speed.

True, is it even safe to drive that quick? Probably not down Sheikh Zayed, but you could do it at the Autodrome, no problem.

Is there a reason Ferraris are always red? Well it’s the original colour and most iconic, but you can get others such as yellow, blue and grey. 

Doesn’t red paint go white in the sunshine? It can but most Ferrari owners look after their motors and don’t leave them exposed to the sun.

What if you can’t afford a cover after spending all your money on the car? If you can’t afford a cover then perhaps a Ferrari isn’t for you.

Dang. What’s special about the inside? It has a new seven-inch display so you can track performance data, a new steering wheel design and of course racing seats.

The seats look pretty low; we’re worried we’ll get stuck getting in and out. Have you thought about buying a 4x4 instead?

Yeah, but they’re not as cool as this. Well you could get a cool red one.

But the paint would fade in the sun… You’ll have to buy a cover for it.