25 Mar 2019 AT 11:43 AM

Reebok releases Sole Fury sneakers

Reebok Sole Fury arrives to take on athletic streetwear heavyweights with revolutionary design
25 Mar 2019 AT 11:43 AM
Reebok releases Sole Fury sneakers

While the battle between streetwear heavyweights adidas and Nike rages on, there is another athletic juggernaut unleashing its Fury. Make way for British classic, Reebok, and the new split cushioning outsole that’s redefining sneakers as we know them Designers at the Manchester-founded company have been furiously working away to create a ground-breaking new invention.

While it’s not as tricky as splitting the atom (also first achieved in Manchester), they are pushing the boundaries in a similar way, and we imagine jaws dropped in a similar way back then as they are now.

Incorporating the “split cushioning” system, an innovation created by Reebok in the ’90s that removes a portion of the outsole and midsole, Sole Fury provides a lightweight and comfortable wear – and they don’t look half bad either.

The new range are specifically designed to kick the classic 1990s running shoes into 2019. That means bold block colours. Thick, chunky and durable soles. Aerodynamic vents to cool-down after a heavy sesh of flossing, dabbing, Harlem Shakin’ on the street.

Perforated sock liner (to help with the previous point). Lightweight mesh material. Unconventional shoe laces. Basically, a stellar list of ingredients to make this a recipe for success.

Reebok first dabbled with split designs with the Pump Graphlite in 1992, InstaPump Fury in 1994 and Opus in 1998, before waiting ten years to return with the Sock Run.r and Run.r 96 in 2018.

Now, the brand is adding yet another model to its split cushioning line up. The cushioning pods underfoot are attached a plate the runs full length beneath the foot, giving an added boost during your workout.

During the world-exclusive launch at the back end of last year, Reebok drafted in celebrity big boys such as Conor McGregor and Future to throw their support behind Sole Fury. Since then, the trainers have received plaudits for bridging the gap between retro and modern, athletic and casual, comfort and performance. The soles are sleek, solid and give an almost muscular strength to the foot. The fight really is on for 2019’s shoe of the year.
From AED550. Available now in Reebok stores across the UAE.