25 Mar 2019 AT 12:09 PM

Wheels if the week: Mazda CX-30

Smooth and slick, the CX-30 drives like a dream
25 Mar 2019 AT 12:09 PM
Wheels if the week: Mazda CX-30

Appearance: Cool compact

We’re in the market for a car, why should we buy this? As crossovers go this is up there with the best, it’s smaller than others in the class and designed to be easier to park.

Does that mean bigger SUVs will bully us off the roads? That’s doubtful, you’ll be quicker than those clunky old 4x4s anyway. This is more nimble to drive and aimed at young professionals and families.

So it’s a cool car to drive a child in? Yes, you’ll be the talk of the playground if you turn up in this.

Finally, popular at last! It’s good for more than just the school run though, right? Of course, it’s an all-wheel drive so you can take it off-road if you like.

Will it cope with dune bashing? You could try, but maybe not with the kids in the back.

True, they’ll make a lot of noise, we’ll have to turn the radio up. We meant it might not be safe…

Ah, that’s true. We hear that the CX-30 is the most comfortable Mazda around… Yes, a lot of people  emphasise  that.

So the seats are like sofas? Not as soft but just as comfortable.

Sounds risky, we might end up falling asleep at the wheel. We think that’s unlikely.

Why’s that? Well sitting upright and driving a car is a bit different to slouching on a sofa watching Netflix.

At least if it’s comfortable the kids will fall asleep in the back. Exactly, so you won’t have to turn the radio up after all.