28 Apr 2019 AT 03:05 PM

The finest face creams

Whether you're feeling flush or hunting for a deal, we've got you covered...
28 Apr 2019 AT 03:05 PM
The finest face creams

Jack Black protein booster skin serum

This is the year 2019. Every bloke wants their skin to look good, right? Well, if you’re a modern man and fall into that particular category, we have just the product for you. From the Jack Black brand, this protein booster skin serum will leave you heading out the door looking like a new man, regardless of the fact you’ve only had two hours’ sleep after another heavy night. It doesn’t come cheap, true, but it’s a sound investment and worth every fil. Get creamed up.
Price: AED466.50, souq.com

Kiehl’s facial fuel

You can’t go wrong with Kiehl’s. One of the most respected skincare brands around, their products combine quality, class and, crucially, affordability. This facial fuel will leave you smelling good and feeling fresh as you prepare to attack the day ahead, with the chestnut extract and soy helping to revitalise dull and fatigued skin. It may be a cheaper option, but that’s certainly not to say it’s to be sniffed at. It’s Kiehl’s and, like we said, you can’t go wrong. Feel good, look good.
Price: AED175,75, souq.com