20 May 2019 AT 04:52 PM

Wheels of the week: 1974 Ferrari 365 GT4

Elton John’s rare vintage ride went up for sale, but is it only the name that makes it special, or is it a beast on the road?
20 May 2019 AT 04:52 PM
Wheels of the week: 1974 Ferrari 365 GT4

What in the – it was owned by THE Elton John of popstar fame?
Bang on the money. It was bought by Sir Elton John back in 1974, which is incidentally the year when he set up Rocket Record Company and performed live at Madison Square Gardens with The Beatles in what was
their last performance.

That car clearly has some history attached, is that it though?
Hardly. Only 367 were made, and to bring up that rarity value, only 58 of them were made with right-hand drive. We’ll let you guess which side the UK drives on.

We’re in 2019 now, though, why bother getting an oldie?
Because vintage is the new modern. It was also one of the fastest and most expensive cars in the world when it was launched.

Fair enough, but how could it keep up with the super cars we have today?
For the record, it could reach a top speed of 281kph, which is pretty decent for a car of that age. Also, it’s mid-located engine gave near-perfect balance for straight speeds.

Any special Rocket Man tweaks that were made to give it that much more oomph?
Not really, but he did add an air-con and a Voxon radio as extras.

Oh... still cool though. Did he get much use out of it then?
It’s clocked  up fewer than 16,000km, which really isn’t that much. It’s up to whoever buys it to give it more mileage.

Tell us about the pricing then.
It’s being sold off for £250,000 to £300,000 (AED1,430,099), so if you’re a superfan, this one’s for you.

You mean, if we were a super rich fan.