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My favourite ethnic accessories



I love the warmth and personality of ethnic-inspired clothing and accessories. They really add personality to an outfit while also acting as a form of tribute to the cultures from which their colours and material are derived – after all, they were adornments long before they were souvenirs. Here’s a selection of some my favourite pieces to help you bring out your inner bohemian.

Aurelie Bidermann Bague-Navajo ring
Why? Because it is way prettier to point at things (or people) with your fingers all decked out! This Aurelie Bidermann piece is good for today and great for years to come with its natural stones and beautiful touch of vintage.
Price: AED1,600 (from

H&M Multicolor Bangles
My oh my! How gorgeous are these bangles? I’d stack six of them and not worry about another piece of accessory. Stylist tip: Use with neutral colour outfit for them to stand out.
Price: AED49

The Javiers Asymmetric Turquoise necklace
Think of a great tan, white linen shirt, a pair of denim, loose tassels, and this necklace… The ultimate summer kick-back look for them days when you feel like telling the world “today, I’m too cool to care”. Best worn in Santorini just as the sun slips beneath the Mediterrannean.
Price: AED600 (from

Hayley Boho festival feather headpiece
Who said giving your back to someone is always rude? However, if you want to do it, better be with style. This headpiece is a little surprise you keep dangling on your hair to give people a serious reason to talk behind your back.
Price: AED102 (from

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