Mark Conlon07 May 2019 AT 10:49 AM

New adidas football boot is now available

The NEMEZIZ 19 will be worn by some of the game’s biggest names, including Lionel Messi
Mark Conlon07 May 2019 AT 10:49 AM
New adidas football boot is now available

What do Lionel Messi, Isco and Roberto Firmino all have in common? Well, apart from being three of the most talented players in the world right now, the trio will all be wearing the new football boot released by adidas.

The NEMEZIZ 19 is the iconic brand’s latest model and will be available for purchase from today (Tuesday May 7), with prices starting from AED400.

The boot comes with a host of enhanced innovations, offering revolutionised 360 agility and performance for creators on the pitch.

The new boot comes in electric red with shimmering silver midsole as part of the 302 REDIRECT boot pack, although whether or not other colour options become available further down the line remains to be seen.

The NEMEZIZ 19 is built for the most agile and multidirectional players. The boot has been specifically created for those individuals who catch the eye with their unpredictable play and ability to beat the opposition with spectacular flair, footwork and movement. Put simply, the players who get you on the edge of your seat.

The revolutionary upper construction of the NEMEZIZ 19 synergizes the function and visual of tension, torsion and compression. These characteristics will supposedly elevate your game to the next level by allowing you to move around the pitch like never before. (Well, we look forward to a clean win at our next five-a-side then...)

The adidas TENSION TAPE, meanwhile, features a new weave structure and composition, giving an apparently unprecedented fit around the foot. The adaptive tape promises to maximise gility and acceleration for a quicker change in direction, ensuring you stay ahead of anyone else on the pitch. (Yes, please.)

Let’s be honest, if it’s good enough for Messi…