Sebastian Sykes22 May 2019 AT 09:45 AM

Details of the new PlayStation 5 are here

The next generation console is set for release in May 2020
Sebastian Sykes22 May 2019 AT 09:45 AM
Details of the new PlayStation 5 are here

It isn’t a rumour anymore – PlayStation’s next generation console (is in the works) is on its way, and a new report has revealed more details about how powerful it is.

During an investor’s conference that took place this week, Sony CEO Jim Ryan revealed a report and even footage of the new console, showcasing that compared to PS4 Pro, there are no load times – even for the biggest of games.

Don’t believe in its speed? Check out the footage below…

PS4 Pro is a powerful machine, but clearly the PS5 specs blow it out of the water as there were absolutely no loading screens during its run of Spiderman.

The report also revealed that streaming will play a big part in the console, sitting hand-in-hand with physical discs and digital downloads as a way for PS5 owners to experience their games.

The report states the console will encourage "a massively enhanced PlayStation community where enriched and shared PlayStation experiences can be seamlessly enjoyed independent of time and place – with or without a console."

Backwards compatibility will also be a big feature, to "transition our community to next gen faster and more seamlessly than ever before."

During the conference, Ryan stated that PS5 players and PS4 players will be able to enjoy games together with cross-generational support. That’s what we like to hear.

Best news? We may not have to wait that much longer either, as the next generation console is slated to come out on May 2020 at the earliest. Happy days indeed.

Check out the specs of the console right here.

There’s quite big news around the gaming world, as Microsoft has also announced Minecraft Earth, a PokémonGO style mobile game that looks impressive.

We can’t wait to get our hands on this lightning-quick console.