11 Jun 2019 AT 10:38 AM

Wheels of the week: Porsche Type 64 #03

A mysterious Porsche that popped out of nowhere, Type 64 #03 is so ancient, it’s older than the entire brand itself
11 Jun 2019 AT 10:38 AM
Wheels of the week: Porsche Type 64 #03

What? So the Porsche 356 isn’t the company’s first production automobile?
Not anymore. This almost UFO-looking, rare sports car dates all the way back to 1939, and was almost wiped from automotive history... until now.

That is old, but how can it be classified as a Porsche if it’s older than the brand itself?
It was created by engineer Ferry Porsche, the founder of the brand’s son, for a race through Europe between Berlin and Rome.

Did it win?
We’ll never know, as this poor car never even made it to the starting line as the race was cancelled due to a little thing called World War II.

We wouldn’t wish that kind of fate on our worst (motorised) enemies
Sad times. It was built for pure speed (at the time) with then futuristic aerodynamics in mind, along with matching metal blue paint and blue leather interior.

The old rust bucket must be lying
around in a ditch somewhere
Nope, it’s alive and kicking. Racer Otto Mathé first bought it back in 1949, which was then passed onto Dr. Thomas Gruber. Now, it could be all yours.

Really? We can give it the race it was always destined for?
Sure can. If you head over to the Monterey Car Week in California and fork out  around $20 million (AED73 million), then it’s all yours.

Know what? To let this oldie fufil it’s dream, we’ll start saving those dirhams.