16 Jun 2019 AT 09:00 AM

Kicks of the week: Footloose and fancy free

GEOX unveils its new Spring Summer collection and it’s promising to do away with sweaty feet
16 Jun 2019 AT 09:00 AM
Kicks of the week: Footloose and fancy free

Summer is upon us, and that means gleaming white trainers and endless rounds of licking your thumb and tackling scuffs.

It also means sweaty foot season – or it did.

Behold GEOX and the 2019 Spring Summer collection that looks athlete’s foot in the face and says ‘not today’.

The range brings great technological innovations, revolutionising the concept of breathability and aeration and doing away with cheesy feet once and for all.

Never again will you fear to peel your sodden socks from your slickened soles knowing what horrors are to be unleashed. A new dawn of living and walking is upon us, and Dubai summers can now be taken in our (ventilated) stride.

For adaptable, everyday use, AERANTI is a new simple, elegant walking shoe that has curved lines and tonal colour matching.

Inside, it conceals an air circulation system, built from a sophisticated mix of technologies. Thanks to circular, geometrical elements of varying sizes, the AERANTIS sole provides excellent support and boosts the breathability of the Net Breathing System.

The sole also contains the new Ventilation System, an EVA midsole which helps air to circulate, while the Inner Breathing System in the upper ensures all-round breathability, thanks to a lining with air pockets and a new soft touch covering that helps heat to properlydissipate.

The new white sneaks in soft leather (pictured) are our personal favourites with a contrasting logo strip, and now you can put them on (and take them off) in confidence.

If that doesn’t deserve a (breezy) heel kick, then we really don’t know what does.