Darragh Murphy13 Jun 2019 AT 05:00 PM

Five top-of-the-line Notebooks for 2019

Check out these best Windows alternatives
Darragh Murphy13 Jun 2019 AT 05:00 PM
Five top-of-the-line Notebooks for 2019

Let’s level with you: we still love MacBooks. But there are some Windows alternatives that should not be glanced over, particularly if you want a chunky-feel keyboard or are out to spend less money.

If you’re on the lookout for a new laptop, check out these five Windows alternatives that will get the job done (in no particular order). If not, just try to come up with an excuse that you need an upgrade from your old one. We won’t tell anyone.

Huawei Matebook X Pro
If you’re willing to spend real MacBook money on a non-Apple laptop, the 14-inch Matebook X Pro is one of the best. It’s extremely slim, has a very powerful Core i7 CPU and the same fast connectors Apple uses. A dedicated graphics card makes it better for games than any 13-inch MacBook Pro too.

Price: AED6,399 (prices vary)
Website: noon.com

Asus ZenBook 14
Asus has tried to one-up the Touch Bar of the priciest MacBook Pro, by building a touchscreen display into the trackpad. You haven’t seen this before, right? It’s an odd one.

You can use it as a calculator, as a shortcut pad for apps like Word. And even treat it like a second screen. It’s unusual, but the ZenBook 14 works well as a normal laptop too. There’s a slim version and a chunkier “Pro” model with a pretty nifty graphics card, which can handle some surprisingly challenging games.

Price: AED4,999 (prices vary)
Website: sharafdg.com

Dell XPS 13
This is the MacBook Pro’s key long-standing rival. The Dell XPS 13 is a style laptop with an executive strut. Build quality is excellent, and you have a wide choice of specs, starting at lower prices if you don’t need oodles of power and storage. This is not the cheapest MacBook alternative, but it offers award-winning quality all-round.

Price: AED4,000 (prices vary)
Website: noon.com

HP Envy 13
If you want to stick to practical, good value choices, the HP Envy 13 is hard to beat. This is a MacBook Pro equivalent, but is half the price of Apple models that have the latest Intel processors. They are ready for fun too, with a built-in graphics card (in some version) that can handle some older console-style games, newer casual ones. And, yes, Fortnite.

Price: AED3,224 (prices vary)
Website: www.sharafdg.com

Acer Swift 5
The Acer Swift 5 is one of the lightest 14-inch laptops in the world, at 970g. You won’t get shoulder ache if you carry this laptop around. It is also one of the most affordable MacBook alternatives, far less than any MacBook. Its screen isn’t as impressive and thanks to the lower weight the laptop isn’t quite as rigid. Still, the Swift 5 is impressive.

Price: AED4,600
Website: noon.com