25 Jun 2019 AT 11:45 AM

A new MacBook could already be on its way in 2019

Apple's laptops are set for a major redesign
25 Jun 2019 AT 11:45 AM
A new MacBook could already be on its way in 2019

New MacBooks were already released not too long ago, and in true Apple fashion, the wait for a new product could be over soon

Rumour has it a new MacBook is just around the corner. According to The Verge, a brand-new 16-inch MacBook Pro will “be unveiled in September”.

"We foresee that Apple will release a new product at the September 19 Apple event if there’s no unexpected development issue," said Associate Director of Consumer Electronics at IHS Markit, Jeff Lin.

The model is set to have a 16-inch screen, a new version of Mac OS, dubbed ‘Catalina’, and a new CPU. If it’s true, it would be the first model by the company with such a large screen.

Apple’s been busy – last month it updated the keyboards and processors in its 15-inch and 13-inch MacBook Pro models. The keyboard had been a particular bugbear for some.

Owners have reported keys not working, or having double letters when they typed. Lin also expects further updates on these models, too.

As Lin says, there’ll be an Apple event in September, so if you’re skipping the recent line of laptops for something a little modern, you better start saving now.

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