22 Jul 2019 AT 01:12 PM

Wheels of the week: Piëch Automotive Mark Zero

Anton Piëch has created this electric masterpiece on wheels that’s future-proof. It runs in the blood, after all
22 Jul 2019 AT 01:12 PM
Wheels of the week: Piëch Automotive Mark Zero

Futuristic steel.

You can’t ‘future-proof’ a sports car. Isn’t there always something new in the pipeline?
But that’s just it. Piëch Automotive was born with the idea that its about vehicles with swappable motors, batteries, and software. As motor tech improves, so will the car. Now, we’re looking at the first electric sports car from the brand.

Piëch...that looks awfully familiar, although we’re not sure how to pronounce it.
Well, if you know Ferdinand Piëc, the chairman of the executive board of Volkswagen, and his grandfather Ferdinand Porsche, the founder of Porsche – then yes, yes you should.

Ah, hence why it runs in the blood. What else can this futuristic sports car do?
For an EV, it’s definitely impressive. It can go from zero-to-100kph in 3.2 seconds and a top speed of 250kph. All thanks to its dedicated 150-kilowatt synchronous electric motor in each rear wheel to give off 611 horsepower.

Suppose it wouldn’t be a sports car otherwise. Does it handle like a dream?
An electric dream. Perfectly balanced with a low centre of gravity due to the car’s battery pack being placed in the chassis’ centre tunnel and around the rear axle.

Give us some that’s really futuristic.
If you believe lightning fast charging is the future. The Mark Zero is using a new type of battery that can achieve a charge of 80 percent capacity in less than five minutes. Soon you’ll be able to just plug ‘n’ go.

Soon? When is this electric beast on the market?
It’s only just been unveiled, so possibly over the next three years.

I guess we can only dream for now.