Sebastian Sykes24 Jul 2019 AT 12:46 PM

New Overwatch character Sigma has been revealed

Hero 31 is a master of gravity, and a little insane…
Sebastian Sykes24 Jul 2019 AT 12:46 PM
New Overwatch character Sigma has been revealed

Vice president of Blizzard Entertainment Jeff Kaplan and his team have been dropping hints about hit game Overwatch’s hero 31 (@playoverwatch) for a while now, but players have finally been given a first look at the new character.

The new hero (?) is a tank-class character named Sigma, and he’s an eccentric astrophysicist “who hopes to unlock the secrets of the universe”. He does, but at a price…

Here’s his original story. It’s quite dramatic.

Not exactly a ‘hero’, is he? But he does bring a whole new dynamic to the game. Sigma’s left click launches two ricocheting ‘Hyperspheres’ which implode after a short duration, while his ‘E’ ability gathers a mass of debris that knocks down enemies. And hurts, of course.

His other two defensive abilities are what will make him an asset in matches, including his ‘Kinetic Grasp’ (left shift) which absorbs enemy fire and transforms it into shield.

There’s also the ‘Experimental Barrier’ (right click) with 1,500 HP, which will travel forward for as long as players want, and stay until destroyed or recalled. Take that, Orisa.

As for his ultimate ability, it’s looking to be a game changer. Sigma flies up into the air and lifts enemies as well, leaving them suspended for a few seconds, and then slams them back to the ground.

Think about combing McCree’s ultimate with Sigma’s – game over.

Sigma is now playable on the PTR servers on PC, usually taking a couple of weeks before he’s officially out on all gaming platforms. Console players can expect to try him out near mid-August.

While we wait, here’s what we’re watching and playing this week, and you should be too.

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