31 Jul 2019 AT 10:42 AM

Splurge of the Week: Fitbits

These two bad boys will make monitoring your movements a lot easier
31 Jul 2019 AT 10:42 AM
Splurge of the Week: Fitbits

Fitbit charge 3

It goes without saying that the main objective of a Fitbit is for the device to track your movements in order for you to work out how close you are to finally losing those pounds you’ve been attempting to shed for the past five years. But, let’s be honest, you still want a smart-looking version. The Fitbit Charge 3 ticks both boxes. It also includes a sleep-tracking facility and the battery lasts a week, meaning no stresses over whether it’s charged before that 5am run. Well, we can dream.
Price: AED924.99, amazon.ae

Fitbit alta fitness

Looking for something that will put a little less strain on your bank account? Well, if so, this Fitbit Alta Fitness strap will certainly do the job without you having to worry about giving up your entire social life until payday arrives again. Ultimately, it does what it’s supposed to. You can track your number of steps and distance covered, as well as being able to check, crucially, how many calories you’ve burnt. A slick, slim design means you can wear it on your wrist and still look the part, too. Happy days, we say.
Price: AED298, amazon.ae