29 Jul 2019 AT 09:26 AM

Wheel of the week: BMW R nineT /5

This blast from the past celebrates the 50th anniversary of the company’s legendary two-wheeled series
29 Jul 2019 AT 09:26 AM
Wheel of the week: BMW R nineT /5

Appearance: Slick and vintage

Is BMW so deprived of ideas it has to resort to fractions to name its vehicles?
Sure, if you didn’t know the /5 series first went into production back in 1969. It’s sweet rods like the R 50/5 and R75/5 that skyrocketed the iconic two-wheeler series to fame, hence the 50th celebration.

Excuse our obliviousness. What makes this update so precious?
To put in bluntly: it’s a throwback to the ‘70s with modern tinkering underneath the, erm, seat. The bike delivers 110-horsepower thanks to its 1,170cc two-cylinder engine. Then there’s the 320mm brake discs with four-piston brake calipers for pinpoint control. Oh, and heated handlebars and seat.

Heated? In this climate? We’ll skip that, thanks. How else does it impress?
Is this bike’s looks not good enough? It boasts a metallic Lupine Blue 17-litre steel fuel tank with a smoke effect finish, a thin double line accent and modern kneepads. And a swanky, shining 50th-anniversary medallion for good measure.

Yeah, we can see ourselves slowly cruising around so everyone can have an eye-full.
...With someone else, perhaps? It’s contoured double seat with grab straps means you can bring someone else for a ride down the highway. Just to make everyone jealous.

That’s it, we’re getting our motorcycle license. When can we hop on this hot rod?
At the moment, BMW have yet to release the price or date of when the R nineT /5 will be out. However, it should be out in the next year. BMW are exploring electric engines for their future bike plans, but this one is all gas-powered – meaning (hopefully) a closer due date.

In the meantime, happy birthday, BMW.