07 Aug 2019 AT 10:59 AM

Samsung's Watch Active2 has a ‘magic bezel’

This watch has a bezel control, but you can't see it
07 Aug 2019 AT 10:59 AM
Samsung's Watch Active2 has a ‘magic bezel’

The Apple Watch dominates many lists of the best smartwatches. But the new Samsung Watch Active2 might be an impressive competitor.

It has what Samsung calls a “digital bezel”, which mimics the physical rotating bezel of the classic Galaxy watches, but with increased screen space and touch sensors.

Due to be released on Friday September 27, there will be two main options, 44m and 40mm versions, as well as two separate styles. One has a synthetic rubber band, the other a leather strap.

The 40mm Samsung Watch Active2 should be available on the Friday September 27, costing around $280 (around AED1,028). The 44mm version will be a little bit more expensive, at $300 (around AED1,100).

Battery life is pretty impressive for a smartwatch – the 247mAh batteries should last “easily a couple of days” said a report from 9to5Google, so you shouldn’t be caught out.

If you use your smartwatch primarily to track your fitness and health, the Active2 might be made for you. Heart rate sensors have been doubled up, giving a more accurate picture of your health.

Sleep tracking is also improved, and additions like pace coaching tools will help you reach your fitness goals.

Tempted? Pre-orders are set to start on Friday September 6.

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