20 Aug 2019 AT 09:49 AM

Splurge of the Week: Get stuffed

When it comes to gym matters, you want to look the part
20 Aug 2019 AT 09:49 AM
Splurge of the Week: Get stuffed

Moncler Logo-Embroidered Holdall
If you’re struggling to hit your targets when it comes to the bench press, chin-ups and abdominal crunches, don’t worry, because one quick glance at this Moncler bag will make people think you’re a true professional when it comes to fitness. It’s not cheap, but then again, as you never stop hearing the personal trainers say, no pain, no gain. Dig deep.
Price: AED1,849, matchesfashion.com

Fila Sprinter

Looking for something a little less heavy on your wallet? If so, this retro number from Fila should hit the spot. Forget heading to the gym to pump some iron, with this bad boy slung over your shoulder, you will look more like Boris Becker stepping out onto Centre Court in the ‘80s. And as far as we’re concerned, praise doesn’t come much higher. Available in four different colours, this gym bag is big enough to fit all the essentials in, while at the same time, ensuring you look the part. Right up our street.
Price: AED79.76, amazon.ae