Sebastian Sykes09 Sep 2019 AT 05:02 PM

Wheels of the Week: Bentley EXP 100 GT

A hundred years after bentley was founded, it unveiled the future of grand touring. here’s what all the fuss is about
Sebastian Sykes09 Sep 2019 AT 05:02 PM
Wheels of the Week: Bentley EXP 100 GT

Grand what now?
Touring. Grand Touring. Cars that are designed for high speeds over long distances. What are you doing here? Clearly this column isn’t for you...

Shh. Okay, so it’s available to buy now, right?
Actually, for the first time, no. The Bentley EXP 100 GT was unveiled at the brand’s Crewe headquarters in July to mark 100 years of the luxury carmakers, and is actually an imagining of the ultra-swanky vehicle for the year 2035.

What’s the point in that?
Bentley is positioning itself as the luxury grand tourer of the future. And doing not a bad job of it either. The EXP 100 GT has an AI personal assistant that controls five autonomous driving modes, while all the materials used inside (yes, even the leather and wood) are, according to the brand, environmentally friendly, which Bentley describes as “sustainable innovation”.

Great, so 2035, it’s on?
Erm, no. Soz. According to Bentley, there are no plans to build the EXP 100 GT in its current form – the radical concept car is designed to serve as inspiration for future vehicles to come from the team.

Devastated. What else is on the menu?
Well, Bentley did also reveal its new Flying Spur 2020, a full-size luxury sedan and the third generation for the model. It’s a bit of a beast, now measuring 5,304 millimetres long and with a wheelbase extended by 130mm (they’re all about the legroom with this one, those chaps in Crewe). If you want to look like a boss cruising down Sheikh Zayed Road, this’ll do it.

Well, yeah. Who doesn’t? What’s the damage, anyway?
Yet to be announced for the Flying Spur, but roughly a small hedge fund...?