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How to spot a fake handbag: Dior



Buying pre-loved items is a great way to save cash on designer labels. But with so many fakes doing the rounds, you need to have a keen eye for detail. Christian Dior handbags are extremely popular, and with prices starting from a few thousand dirhams, it’s important to do your detective work to ensure you’re buying the real deal.

We asked our go-to brand expert from InSeller, Catherine Travers, for her inside knowledge on spotting a fake Dior.


As with all luxury handbags, the proof of authenticity often lies in the details, including the stitching. Especially with Dior bags, and the iconic cannage pattern, this is of the utmost importance. Stitches should be clean and not sloppy. Individual stitch length should be even and straight.

Logo Tag

The logo tag will be the same colour and texture of the leather used on the bag. The embossed ‘Christian Dior, Paris’ and ‘Made in Italy’ text will match the colour of the hardware of the bag. On older bags, ‘Made in Italy’ is embossed on the backside of the logo tag along with the serial number. The bottom corners are rounded, while top corners should be cut at a right angle.

Serial Number

The serial number will be positioned on the backside of the logo tag in the following form: two numbers, two letters, four numbers, separated by dashes. Pay attention to the font used. All letters should be capitalised, and zeros should take on an extra rounded shape. Be aware that limited edition bags may sometimes use a different format for the serial number, so it’s vital to look into other details as well.


Dior uses two main brands of zipper – Lampo and their own branded pieces. Be extra observant when looking into zipper brand, as counterfeiters have figured out a way to create fake Dior-branded zips. Be on the lookout for high-quality engraving.

If the bag in question comes with its dustbag, I would recommend examining this as well although it is possible that counterfeit bags come with authentic dustbags and vice versa. With leather and canvas styles, the dustbag should be made of a white, thick cotton material with grey letters. Note that exotic skin styles should come with a silky dustbag.

Lastly, beware of bargains. If a bag retails at around AED5000, nobody’s going to sell it for AED550. It’s that old saying – if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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