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LOCAL TALENT: Taller Marmo



Dropping out of university is a common theme for successful businessmen. Richard Branson, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs… Hopefully following in their multi-million dollar footsteps are the men behind local fashion brand Taller Marmo. Riccardo Audisio and Yago Goicoechea met while studying at Istituto Marangoni in Milan, but dropped out to start their own label.

Although Taller Marmo is only two years old, the Dubai-based brand is already a UAE finalist for the regional stage of the International Woolmark Prize – a title made famous by previous winner Karl Lagerfeld. We caught up with the pair to talk all things fashion.

How did you come to the decision to drop out of Instituto Marangoni in Milan?
We were doing the second year of our three-year course on Fashion Design and we start to imagine what a brand would be like under our creative direction. So we took the leap of faith as we believed the combination of our tastes would bring an interesting result.

Where does the name Taller Marmo come from?
We named the brand after ‘taller’ the Spanish word for manual work – the laboratory, the artisan, the handcraft – and ‘Marmo’ is the Italian word for marble – fine material and Italian excellence that metaphorically refers to luxury, exoticism, decadence and tradition.

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Neither of you are from Dubai, why did you decide to base your fashion brand here?
We visit Dubai as tourists in March 2012 while we were brain storming ideas for the brand, and we felt that was the right place to base Taller Marmo.

How has Dubai’s fashion scene evolved since you started out in 2013?
We are lucky because we based our company in Dubai while Fashion Forward was created and the press started to give constructive critiscism. In addition, the recent establishment of the Dubai Design and Fashion Council and the Dubai Design District arrived at the perfect time.

What’s been the most challenging thing about starting your own label?
Having everything in control, and respecting the timings and execution of every collection.

Is it difficult to create collections with two different creative visions sometimes?
Even if we have very different tastes, when we start a creative process for the collection it is like we become almost the same person.

How would you describe your fashion line in three words?
Timeless, sensual, intellectual

We love your sketch for the International Woolmark Prize. How does it reflect you both as designers?
The Woolmark Prize is an amazing challenge for us as we have to squeeze the DNA of our brand into six looks to create a sharp statement to the jury. We are so happy to be selected because we learn a lot of new things about the Merino Wool, from its amazing properties to the most excellent Italian manufacturers.

What can we expect from Taller Marmo over the next year?
There are a lot of new projects that we cannot wait to reveal! Every part of the brand is evolving organically and we are proud of what we are achieving with it.

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