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TIPS: How to pick a summer dress



In the quest for the all-important seasonal staple, the summer dress, it’s important to pick one that suits your particular body type. Follow these tips and you can’t go wrong…

Pear Shaped
Characterised by:
wider on the hips, smaller on the bust
Balance the imbalance by showing off your shoulders and arms. Avoid dresses that cling onto your hips and bottom and instead go for designs that hang elegantly over them. Chances are you have quite a thin waist, so accentuate it with a belt.
Try: This Butterfly Swing Dress from F&F will suit your body type, maybe add a belt.
Price: AED85

Apple shape
Characterised by: more flesh on your tummy and bottom)
Go for a dress that doesn’t cling on to your stomach, that is a bit more square, and that leaves you feeling cool and confident.
Try: This yellow midi dress from Zara will look great with a tan.
Price: AED295

Strawberry or wedge shaped
Characterised by: larger on top part of your body and slim hipped
Chances are you have long, slim legs, so do show them off. And try to create the illusion of hips possibly with a peplum. Keep those broad shoulders covered.
Try: This Bebe striped and floral dress will work well. The stripes will give you more of a shape to the hips and the three-quarter sleeves are extremely elegant.
Price: AED630

Straight up and down
Characterised by: slightly rectangular shaped
Here we need to create the illusion of curves and form. Do this by picking bustier necklines, dresses that tuck in at the waist and A-line shapes. Create volume with dresses that have petticoat layers; feminine and gorgeous, or go for something structured.
Try: This Jigsaw dress will help create curves, especially if you wear a padded bra underneath it.
Price: AED999

Characterised by: curves in all the right places
Wear whatever you like because everything will look good on you! But in the “if you’ve got it flaunt it” tradition, pick something that shows off that lovely figure of yours.
Try: You will look great in this Vince Camuto number.
Price: AED550.

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