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Warm weather style: Another UAE summer is coming



Yep, it’s here. It’s a touch too hot again, a tad more humid. Our insanely hot and humid Dubai Summer has returned. One of the biggest hurdles everyone faces in Dubai – as shallow as it might sound – is what to wear when swim shorts aren’t an option.

Here is where we look to the Italians for how to dress elegantly even in the hottest of times. Simple, unstructured tailoring helps make jackets lightweight and breathable, classic summer fabrics like linen make for breezy shirts and pants that are still office appropriate. And to battle that most common of Dubai ills, the air-con cold, having a lightweight sweater or blazer can be a lifesaver when going in and out of buildings.

Brands to look into for great summer staples are SuitSupply, Eidos Napoli, and Adolfo Dominguez. Adding a new pair of sunglasses is a great idea too, there are some refreshing designs from an Italian brand, The Bespoke Dudes and a new pair of casual shoes is certainly in order.

If you’re a little more adventurous, you should take advantage of the abundant tailors we have, one of the best that I’ve worked with is Deepa’s Bespoke in Satwa, just off Diyafa Street. Give them a call to schedule a time to visit, ask for Raju and tell’em Adrian sent you!

Blue jacket
Suit Supply

Classic linen shirt
Adolfo Domonguez

Relaxed linen trousers
Adolfo Dominguez

Cran Transparent – grey lenses
The Bespoke Dudes

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