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8 anti-aging products that really work



We’ve gathered intel on these clever skincare releases to discover new developments in anti-aging, firming and smoothing technologies.

1. SD Advanced Intensive Concentrate for Wrinkles and Stretch Marks
Originally a stretch mark remedy, this patented formula was soon found to be just as brutal on deep-set wrinkles. Promising smoother skin just 15 days, it re-plumps the collagen stores just under the skin’s surface.
AED549, StriVectin

2. Retinol 1.0
While impressively effective for high-impact exfoliation, chemical peels can also leave you red and stressed. This at-home concentrated form of vitamin A has been tailored to different strengths so you can now resurface your complexion without the irritation.
AED335, Obagi 360

3. 50+ SPF Anti-Aging Cream
Fights aging with ceramides, malt extract, shea butter and witch hazel. The broad-spectrum protection also fends off UVA and UVB rays with chemical and physical barriers to protect against surface and cellular sun damage. Not just a sun cream.
AED239, Bakel Suncare

4. Nuxellence Detox Detoxifing and Youth Revealing Anti-Aging Care
Holding ten patents, this supercharged overnight treatment recharges the skin and detoxifies cells. Claims to repair mitochondrial DNA at the heart of skin cells.
AED200, Nuxe

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5. Glowstar Foaming Peeling Perfection Puff
A clever cleanser infused with an effective toning peel – just add water to activate. The perfect travel companion, the patented puff can be stored in its packet and reused multiple times, making it perfect for long weekends away.
AED39, Starskin

6. Fillerina Lip Volume, Labo Cosprophar
Get supersized lips minus the needle jab with this innovative plumping topical treatment. Six kinds of hyaluronic acid molecules penetrate the skin’s cutaneous layers to replicate the look of fillers, hydrating the lips’ cells for a full pout.
AED289, Suisse

7. Micro-Blur Skin Perfector
A primer and a smoother, this final step in your skincare routine works on two levels. Applied alone, it instantly blurs imperfections and shrinks pores, and over long-term use, it treats dull skin with lipo hydroxy acid, lentils and bark extract.
AED150, Kiehl’s

8. Y Theorem Repair Serum NAC Y²
Based on repairing the accelerated cellular damage encountered by astronauts dealing with extreme radiation and zero gravity environments, the NAC Y² molecule was developed by space scientists to nurture cell regeneration.
AED1,050, 111Skin

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