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THE CHOSEN FEW: iPhone photo lenses



The art of photography will never be the same with these shutter bugs.

1. Olloclip Photo Lens for iPhone
A 4-in-1 lens that has been completely redesigned for iPhone 5 and 6. Houses optic lenses — fisheye, wide-angle, macro 10x and 15x. Unless you’re David Bailey, no, you don’t need any more lenses than that.
Price: AED349, Apple Store

2. CamKix Camera Lens Kit
Ideal if you actually are David Bailey. With this whole kit and caboodle you could get your shots into National Geographic, easy. With impeccable timing and skill of course.
Price: AED130,

3. Hitproof Pro Waterproof
This shockproof, waterproof (up to 30 feet) case houses a custom three element glass lens. Ideal if you want to go Bear Grylls adventurer for your next photo opportunity.
Price: AED370,

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