The Last Word: Kristina Fidelskaya

The Kristina Fidelskaya brand has been producing timeless, wearable pieces – across luxury ready-to-wear, jewellery and accessories – since 2014. They will, says the designer, become every woman’s best friend. Think elegant textures; silks, French lace, cashmere and soft wool in muted hues and razor sharp geometric silhouettes.

Kristina’s love for fashion began at a young age, inspired by the creative spirit of her mother, who was also a fashion designer. She later studied at Dubai’s Esmod Fashion Institute and set up her brand’s headquarters in Dubai with production in Italy. Right now the mother of two is experimenting with vintage styles and modern elegance to create clothes that speak to women.

What was the last catwalk show you saw by another designer?
The last one was probably at Fashion Forward, which I attend every season; I enjoy supporting regional talent. Dior also invited me to their last catwalk show in Paris, which was absolutely stunning!

What was your last major fashion splurge?
At Harrods in London, which is the perfect place for a fashion splurge. I bought a really cosy yet fashionable Fendi poncho.

What was the last piece of style advice you gave someone?
“Dress for your figure and choose pieces that compliment your body.” It is simple advice that every woman has probably heard time and again, but it is difficult to follow when you don’t know your own body type. I encourage women to embrace their figure and to explore daring cuts and figure-hugging garments.

When was the last time you felt really stressed out?
When I was arranging the photo shoot for my upcoming AW16 collection. We had to fly people in from abroad and everything was going smoothly when suddenly the venue cancelled our booking. So we had to search for another location while making sure the crew we flew in wouldn’t leave. We did sort it out!

What’s the last new material you discovered?
A specially developed wool. On one side it is shaved while the other side is smooth. I love this combination of textures that can come from one basic material.

What’s the last item of clothing we’d ever see you in?
You will never see me in sweatpants or anything that is oversized! I’d much rather wear a silk or lace dress because it expresses femininity.

What would be the last thing you’d throw away?
I would have to say a limited-edition Chanel jacket. That item, as much as it is of vintage value, holds a dear personal value to me.

What was the last time you did something for the first time?
My daughter finally came of age where she can get her ears pierced – and I had really mixed emotions about it! I was excited to mark this big moment but was very worried in case she felt scared. She now rocks the cutest pair of star earrings.

When was the last time you felt star-struck?
I felt star-struck when I attended the tennis in Abu Dhabi last year and saw Rafael Nadal. I’m a huge tennis fan and he is one of the world’s top players.

What was the last film you watched?
“Burnt” starring Bradley Cooper. Beautifully shot, a great plot and some delicious food. But Bradley stole the show!

Where was the last place you went on holiday?
My last holiday was taken in Florence, Italy. It is such an inspirational place and is the home of renowned masterpieces and architecture. I felt very inspired there.

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