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THE CHOSEN FEW: Portable mugs



Enjoy your morning brew on the go in one of these reusable cups that come with a lid.

1. Vera Wang for Wedgwood
Coffee stains on your clothes are not a good look, but luckily Ms Wang has a chic solution. Made from porcelain, the silicone lid means you won’t spill a drop.
Price: AED97,

2. Kate Spade New York
Another NYC designer who wants us to sip in style, the Bella Bookshelf thermal mug is a homage to literary classics like Jane Eyre. And it won’t spill either.
Price: AED100,

3. Happy Jackson
Some encouragement to get going in the morning is always welcome and this silicone mug gives us a friendly, warm nudge.
Price: AED35,

4. Born With A Beard
The ultimate mug for hipsters. To complete the look be sure to wear your flannel shirt, beanie and glasses.
Price: AED90,

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