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THE CHOSEN FEW: Vinyl players



We told you that vinyl was making a comeback – if you’re still not convinced these three will persuade you nothing sounds as good as a 12”

1. Crosley Keepsake Turntable
This nostalgia box not only looks pretty stylish it plays records and also converts them into a digital audio format – so you can enjoy your vinyl on the go.
Price: AED799, Virgin Megastore

2. Ion Max LP Turntable
An all-in-one turntable, it converts audio, stores files and has a headphone plug for those who like their music loud – or perhaps have an embarrassing 1980s heavy metal collection.
Price: AED597, Virgin Megastore

3. Record Runner
Approved by Volkswagen, this tiny van is the world’s smallest self-propelled record player and only needs two AAA batteries. How do you scratch? No idea.
Price: AED295,

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