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Leaked designs of the iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 ‘Pro’



We could just wait until the latest iPhone model is released before we discuss the new features, but this is the internet and that’s not how things work around here. After all, rumours and leaks on Apple’s upcoming products keep tech writers in jobs and gives Twitter something to talk about.

So with that in mind let’s add some fuel to the fire and take a look at the design leaks floating around. The main source of the rumours is OnLeaks, which is run by Steve Hemmerstoffer. The reason it’s causing such a stir is that he’s got a good track record of being correct. The latest images from OnLeaks, revealed via USwitch, show that the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Pro (yes, apparently the ‘Plus’ is no more) will be a similar size to their predecessors.

iPhone 7

  • Headphone jack – The big change on the iPhone7 is the headphone jack, which is (allegedly) being removed. This change has been predicted for quite some time, and it’s likely that we’ll all be switching to Lightning and wireless headphones.
  • Camera – A bigger lens will allow more light into pictures. By the looks of things, it’s still raised.
  • Size – The iPhone 7 is rumoured to be exactly the same dimensions as the iPhone 6.

iPhone 7 Pro

  • Name – The first change is pretty clear. Tech insiders claim that the larger version of the iPhone 7 will be so much more advanced that they’re switching from ‘Plus’ to ‘Pro’.
  • Headphone jack – Looks like they’re ditching it on both models.
  • Camera – The iPhone 7 Pro will have a dual lens camera for improved image quality. It could also be used for optical zoom, but much like everything else on the list, it’s just speculation.
  • Smart connector – You know those three little dots on the back of the iPad pro? That’s a smart connector, and rumour has it that the iPhone 7 Plus will get one too. This allows the Lightning port to supply power and data.
  • Size – The same dimensions as the iPhone 6 Plus.

And the last rumour on the mill is that the new phones will be released in September 2016. So we guess we’ll find out if the leaks are correct then.

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