5 tips for more likes and followers on Instagram

Instagram. It’s just somewhere to share weekend snaps with your friends, document all the fun you’re having in the desert. Why, then, is it so annoying that some Instagram accounts seem to be killing it with likes and followers while there are tumbleweeds running over yours? Someone like the eggs bennie pic, please!

No one likes to be unpopular, and James Humphries, co-founder of Insta-porter, knows this all too well. That’s why he set up “Your Instagram while you sleep” a service that does all the good PR you need to attract some well-deserved love to those snapshots. Insta-porter, which costs less than AED10 a day, is aimed at specialised bloggers and start-up brands in need of a credibility boost.

“Instagram has the highest engagement and conversion rate of all social media,” says James. “It’s miles ahead of Twitter and Facebook. This means people use it a lot more and it’s statistically one of the most powerful ways of connecting with your followers.”

What’s the biggest mistake people make on Instagram? “For individuals, I would say bad photos,” says James. “For brands, artists and business in general, I would say posting unrelated photos that don’t represent the brand in a clear way.”

We persuaded James to share some insider tips on how to grow a loyal Instagram fan base from the roots up #Taptwice.

1. Be relatable
“This seems an obvious point but make sure your content is related to what you do and interesting to the people who you want to attract. If you are a luxury watch company, your followers probably won’t be interested in the breakfast you just cooked. Also, if you know who your competitors are, you will have a much better idea of your followers’ tastes and will be able to create content that is more engaging for them.”


1. Avoid clichés
“Tags like #selfie #rolex #beyonce #directioner #lfl #photo – forget them. Nobody searches for terms like these and if they did, they’d never find yours because there are so many of the same tags. Generic hashtags don’t work. Be more creative and create your own genuine content with a unique hashtag. And use Instagram in different ways; boomerang, videos, messages, music, tagging – you don’t need to rely on all these clichés.”


3. Avoid reciprocal followers
“The people who follow you because you follow them (#follow4follow) aren’t interested in your content. Just look at how many people they are following. If it’s more than their followers, for example 6,000 people and 400 followers, they’re just interested in growing numbers and are unlikely to notice any of your posts.”


4. Avoid profiles with fake followers
“Most people have an engagement rate of about 2-3 percent. So if someone’s profile has 20,000 followers but their pictures get 10-20 likes, it’s likely they have fake followers. Divide the average number of likes by the total number of followers and multiply by 100. If they have 20 likes per photo and 20,000 followers, their engagement rate is 0.1 percent, and that is way below average. It is better to have a smaller following with a high engagement rate than a large following with no engagement.”


5. Consistency
“When someone views your profile they have less than two seconds to get what you do before they leave. If you have irrelevant pictures of unrelated things, it’s unlikely they’ll understand what you do. Keep the message, profile text, the colours, the theme and the photography style consistent. For example see: instagram.com/LiamFahyLondon.”


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