14 fashion hacks that actually work

“Hack.” It’s a term that has, ironically, become hackneyed. Overused, devoid of all meaning and is, more often than not, outright bananas.

From the ubiquity of “life hacks” to ones hooked around beauty, creativity or even your own psychology, the word has become an internet staple – fuelling countless pages of the internet, for no real purpose other than to steal a few clicks.

Among a list for , an actual adult human recommends you use your shoe as a cupholder and trumpets toilet roll cardboard as both a seed pot and iPhone speaker.

And yet, should you be brave enough to sieve through the weirdness, sometimes therein lies gold.

Granted, the following style tips probably won’t “CHANGE YOUR LIFE”, yet they might one day prove useful. Plus you’ll never look at your forearm the same way again.

1. Revamp shrunken clothes with water and hair conditioner
Accidentally chucked your favourite T-shirt (which, let’s face it, was already on the snug side) in the tumble dryer? Don’t despair, simply soak it in warm water with conditioner for five minutes, then tug it back to its correct size.

2. Defluff your clothing with a fistful of sellotape
Lint rollers, who needs ’em? By simply wrapping your hand in tape (you can imagine you’re a boxer, if you really like), you can quickly de-fuzz a shirt that’s more labrador than clothing item. Pro tip: ensure the sticky side faces out, genius.

3. Figure out whether trousers will fit without trying them on
Sounds fishy, yet the distance between your fist and elbow is roughly equal to your waist size. Make sure the flies and button are done up and, if you’re forearm fits, you can leave changing room queues for suckers.

4. Pack your blazer inside out
Travelling with a suit used to require ninja skills to evade creasing, but now all you need do is fold appropriately while inside out. Take that, extortionate hotel dry cleaners.

5. Use a straw to retrieve your hoody’s drawstring
No longer one of life’s great mysteries, that rogue drawstring you thought had been lost forever can be retrieved with the humble drinking straw. Simply thread the string into the straw, staple it, then push it back through the hood.

6. Save space by filing your clothes
Chumps stack T-shirts. Winners file. Save precious room in your bulging drawers by placing them front to back. It also makes them more visible and accessible, preventing you from messing up the pile every single time.

7. Freeze clean your denim
Ok, so bunging your jeans in the freezer won’t wash out that mustard stain. It will, however, kill the germs that causes jeans to smell. If it’s good enough for , it’s good enough for us. (Note: We don’t recommend freezing your jeans while wearing them.)

8. Cure wet, stinky trainers with newspaper
Print is not dead. Upon returning from a particularly rigorous game of football in winter, place some bundled up newsprint in your sneakers to suck up the damp odour.

9. Air dry your socks
Ever wondered why your socks look like Emmental? It’s because you insist on tumble drying them. They don’t take long to dry naturally, and will live a longer life.

10. Stuck zip? Work it with a pencil
The graphite in your humble HB works as a suitable lubricant against the teeth of a zipper, and rubbing it gently should fix even the most stubborn zip. Still not working? Bust out the (non oil-based) lubricant from that drawer.

11. De-bobble your jumper with a razor
A sweatshirt ravaged by lint balls is often one that’s set for the bin. But by using a razor (preferably a women’s one), you can quickly and easily remove them. Be careful not to make actual incisions into the fabric, and your jumper will look years younger.

12. Remove stains with hand sanitizer
Ink or bloody stains need not be a job for Mr Muscle, merely a tub of hand sanitiser. Squeeze some splodges on to the affected areas, dab it with kitchen roll then stick in the washing machine. It’s like getting away with murder.

13. Don’t wash your clothes after every use
While your mother might insist otherwise, you don’t actually smell that bad. Honest. So unless your clothes carry the sort of whiff that justifies a washing machine summit, don’t bother. They’ll last longer, saving you money, energy and liquitabs.

14. Sit down before buying a new shirt
The changing room mirror doesn’t tell you the most important piece of info about a shirt – whether it bulges at the middle and turns you into a passable sumo. Take a seat, all will be revealed.

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