Team shortlist17 Aug 2016 AT 10:16 AM

4 fantastic Dubai shopping apps

Pre-loved designer gear and deal alerts to your phone
Team shortlist17 Aug 2016 AT 10:16 AM
4 fantastic Dubai shopping apps
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Wardrobe bulging with clothes you’ve barely worn? The brainchild of two former Dubizzle employees, Shedd allows you to buy and sell pre-loved items from a community of local fashionistas, as well as new items from up-and-coming designers and brands. Search using hashtags, chat to sellers, and pay instantly using PayPal or the newly launched Pay&Ship credit card function.
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This app lets you shop for groceries from your local store without the “hassle” of having to phone up – hey, it’s all relative in Dubai – or get lost in translation. Get live order updates and pay via the app or with cash on delivery. With over 100 stores signed up in Dubai, there are plans to expand to Abu Dhabi.
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Who doesn’t love a bargain? This app aims to ensure savvy shoppers never miss a great deal at the mall. Search for sales, promotions and events at your favourite stores, and get deal alerts for over 100 brands when you step into major malls across Dubai and Abu Dhabi (there are currently 14 signed up).
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The Dubai Mall
Who hasn’t got lost – or forgot where you parked – at this mammoth mall? Along with all the latest sales and event info, the official app has interactive maps to help you find your fave shops and restaurants, and allows you to save your parking location so you can find your way back to your car. Genius.
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Alex Hutley, Co-Founder of Shedd tells us about launching his app

What was the inspiration?
Originally we wanted to create an app that harnessed location and chat technology to create more shared ownership of underused goods in communities, such as a power drill or fixie bike.

How did it evolve into a fashion-only marketplace?
We saw lots of women using the app to sell handbags, so we ran research that showed over 50 percent of a woman’s wardrobe is made up of clothing that’s either never been worn or only worn once. We saw a huge untapped inventory to be realised.

Why do you think it’s been such a success?
It turns out retail therapy is a “thing”. We saw that people like to make irrational purchases – to relieve stress, or reinvent an image – so we built our app around “irresponsible shopping”, which people can enjoy, safe in the knowledge that if they can always sell the item later on Shedd.