What we learnt at London Fashion Week

For most of March, we were glued to our Instagram feeds, lusting over the latest collections at the various Fashion Weeks from New York, London, Milan to most recently Paris. This season we’ve learnt a whole lot from the stressful organising, the constant hailing of taxis and dealing with the freezing cold weather. We took a trip to London Fashion Week this season. Here’s how we survived it, along with a few tips for your Fashion Week trip.

1. Always wear comfortable shoes
When you’ve walked 40 minutes from one show to another, the pretty high heels will unfortunately have to stay firmly at home. As fashionable as they may be, your feet will thank you later. Always opt for trainers, flat sandals or an ankle boot.

2. Google maps will become your best friend
With no taxis in sight and a herd of tourists stampeding towards you, power walking your way to the next show is sometimes your only option. Thanks to the brilliance of Google Maps, you’re only one click away from knowing where you’re meant to be going. (PS: Always take a phone charger with you- no one wants to miss an Instagram moment at the show of the season).

3. Black is still the new black
Always has been, always will be.

4. BEWARE: There’s always a photographer somewhere
When the English wind is forced in your direction, the last thing you want is a swarm of street style photographers capturing it. But they do, so beware.

5. Your bag will become your umbrella
No one wants to lug around a travel-sized bag, as fashionable as they may be, it’s a hassle. This is where your clutch comes in handy and becomes your umbrella for the week.

6. JJS Lee was the best show of the season
Visiting Jackie herself backstage, pre-show was absolutely manic to say the least. The show itself was a Scandinavian dream. A palette of whites, greys and blacks; Jackie has created the most beautiful of cuts, tones and textures, making her show the best of the season.

7. Take power naps whenever and wherever you can
Fashion Week has got to be the most draining of all the 52 weeks in the year. So when a pillow is in sight, take advantage of the 10 minutes you have free and take a power nap. (In our case it was at Rick Owens).

8. Accept that your fingers will freeze
Fashion Week is notorious for not starting on time. Adding to the frustration of a half-hour wait in minus temperatures and horrendous winds, your fingers become ice. In fact, they become so cold they start turning purple. But you know what they say? ‘Pain is beauty’.

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