Team shortlist29 May 2017 AT 11:32 AM

How to stay fit during the UAE summer without joining a gym

We asked fitness experts for their top tips and apps
Team shortlist29 May 2017 AT 11:32 AM
Fitness, Apple, Apps, Summer
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Fitness, Apple, Apps, Summer
Fitness, Apple, Apps, Summer

With the arrival of Ramadan and temperatures creeping up, people in the UAE tend to slow down their fitness pace. But even with hot and humid weather, there are ways to stay fit – and we’re not talking about an expensive gym membership.

We asked some of the region's fitness experts for the top tips and apps we need to download to stay fit this summer.

Simple tips:

  • For those who enjoy group activities and sports, Dubai Sports World which has opened its doors for the summer. Spanning more than 25,000sqm of air-conditioned space, Dubai Sports World has a (free) gym, as well as basketball courts, football pitches and table tennis.
  • Look into tracking your everyday fitness with the likes of an Apple Watch. Being fit and healthy doesn’t always mean hitting the gym of signing up for the latest Barre class – often, being conscious of small activities adds up. Small things like taking the stairs instead of the lift or making an effort to stand up every hour will help towards your goals.
  • Get motivated to get moving. Download the Styck app (available in the App Store), a fitness application that tracks your movement and matches it to a reward sponsored by cafes, hotels and fitness organisations in the city. Careem, the Salad Jar, Go Sport, and Ski Dubai are just a few of the brands who offer incentives.
  • The biggest mall in the world has its fitness benefits! For air-conditioned low intensity cardio before Iftar, walk in Dubai Mall for an hour, a few times a week and track your progress.

Things you can do at home:

There’s no excuse to skip your workout if you can’t go to the gym. The App Store offers a variety of fitness apps for everyone.

  • Pocket Yoga:  Practice your sun salutations before breakfast with this yoga app that has settings for all difficulty levels. There are over 200 illustrated poses, and your pocket yogi instructor will guide you through the entire practice.
  • 7 Minute Workout: If you're shot on time, this little workout is perfect. It's designed for those who want to lose weight, with a high-intensity workout of 12 30-second exercises, each with a 10 second break in between.
  • GymNadz: Specifically made for women who need a bit of help with incorporating fitness into their daily lives, GymNadz offers short workouts and easy-to-follow recipes. Available in English and Arabic.

If you want to brave the outdoors:

With average June temeratures hitting 38C, we can count on the next few months to be pretty hot. If you are brave enough to go outside and face the UAE summer heat, here are some top tips to remember:

  • Choose the right locations - Opt for low-intensity cardio. Places like Al Ittihad Park in The Palm and Safa Park are surrounded by trees to offer you some shade during your workout to avoid dehydration.
  • Hydrate before, during, and after your workout. It's easy to become dehydrated by not realising how much water you're drinking. Download the WaterMinder app that will help you track your water intake and based in your body weight, remind you to drink water and stay hydrated. On average, you’re meant to have 8 glasses of water every day. If you're fasting, you could opt for a low-intensity workout shortly before Iftar so that you can rehydrate straight after.
  • Choose cooler cardio workouts like swimming in cold water.
  • Motivate yourself with music. For example, you can listen to music wirelessly through your Apple Watch by syncing a playlist and pairing with Airpods.

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