Marcus Smith11 May 2015 AT 03:54 PM

Fitness tips: Stop Trying To Be Normal!

Why being just like everyone else is never a worthwhile goal
Marcus Smith11 May 2015 AT 03:54 PM
Fitness tips: Stop Trying To Be Normal!

If I heard it once as a kid I must have heard it 100 times. “You need to fit in with the other kids” or “you’re not normal”. Looking back, it was never my objective to be awkward or different but I seemed pretty good at it. And although I didn’t understand what was really going on, I was made to feel bad about being a bit different.

Linking that message back to the present day, I still wonder what this concept of “normal” really is all about. Isn’t it a bit like “average” or “run of the mill”? Let’s get something straight: I have no desire to be it, live it or really have anything to do with it. Right now I would encourage you to have the same mindset.

I fully believe that if you want to make it in the current era, no matter what your industry, trade or passion, then please STOP TRYING TO BE NORMAL. Anyone who encourages you to do so is not someone you need in your life. Honestly, it is as simple as that. 

So here are four ways to not only make you abnormal – which I think is highly desirable - but for abnormality dominate your life!

1. Fix your environment
Think about the old adage that “you are a product of your environment”. Well this is pretty true. Have a look at all the different environments that you move in, be it socially, professionally or other, what’s going on there? Are they spaces that promote “out of the box” behaviour or thinhking? Are they spaces that promote optimal performance? If not, then you have to become a “creator of your environment”.

This is where it gets interesting as if there is not an environment around you that allows you to be a total legend, then you have to make one. Easier said than done but trust me, it is doable. Once you are in the right environment you dominate your life – it’s a fact!

2. Mindset
This is perhaps one of the most talked about subjects in every walk of life but people are still failing to address it. The good news is that more and more we understand the importance of mindset, we can begin to look at ways to action it. You have to be thinking different to the masses. We often don’t as we are afraid of being the odd one out because society has taught us to fit in, to “go with the flow” and all other rubbish like that.

I encourage you to be the elephant in the room, to have a mindset that is so different to everyone else that they wander if you are really ok, if you are really human. That is where the magic happens.

3. Dream big
I mean really why can’t you literally do anything? It’s not that we can’t, it’s that as yet we do not believe we can. So, wake up from your biggest wildest dream, no matter what it is, and write it down on a piece of paper and then look at how you can make it reality. Look at the advance of the technological entrepreneurs in recent years, all of the guys at the forefront of those companies had ideas and dreams that were totally off the chart – no one could even comprehend them. But they made it happen. Dream big and make it happen.

4. Lead
Take the lead on life, on your life. Stop waiting for someone to come and show you the way, to take the lead for you, to roll out the red carpet for your next great achievement or next promotion. It is simply not going to happen. You have to be the boss, you have to drive it, you have to control your own destiny and lead others to get what you want.

The maddest thing is that when you do take the lead and get some momentum behind what you want, others eventually hop on board. Remember the quote from Gandhi. “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” Think about it and how true it is. LEAD.

So forget normal. Forget what others think. I know life is tough, your industry is brutal and the odds are not always stacked in your favour, that is part of life. You can sit around and get all bent out of shape about it or you can follow these simple four steps and start changing things. In turn, they can lead to better, more fulfilling life and allow you to have what you want.

Marcus Smith is a highly qualified performance coach and international athlete and is the founder of the InnerFight gym and training centre in Dubai. He has been one of the top 10 fittest men in Asia for the last three years and delivers his unique “Smash Life” seminars.