Eddie Taylor21 May 2015 AT 09:28 AM

10 questions for… Omar Al Duri

The UAE-based fitness coach answers our questionnaire
Eddie Taylor21 May 2015 AT 09:28 AM
10 questions for… Omar Al Duri

Fitness instructor, coach and now health activist Omar Al Duri is on a mission to improve the health of the UAE. Having set up Platform 3 Fitness in Dubai, where personal training, physiotherapy and nutrition are the key elements, Al Duri has set his heart on getting the best out of everyone in the country. The Brit is now campaigning for healthier school lunch boxes by creating his own menu with Dubai Marina’s Ultra Brasserie.

His skills aren’t restricted to the gym, though. In football, Al Duri has been awarded “Coach of the Year” on a number of occasions and even helped Ghana’s Under 20 national team reach the Youth World Cup.

How long have you been in Dubai… and, in ten words or less, how would you sum up your time here?
It’s been seven years. It’s been a rollercoaster in a melting pot of different cultures with many lessons learned!

What’s your favourite restaurant here… and favourite dish?
Okku. I love the simple prawns on ice dish.

Which takeaway do you have on speed dial?
Lemonade or The Hangout.

Thursday night means…
Jazz night @ Pizza Express

Friday afternoon means…
A quick workout, a delicious meal I’ve been looking forward to all week followed by some reflexology.

Guests have flown in to see you for a weekend and they’ve never been here before. What three things do you do?
Take them to see the talented homegrown band Abri and Funk Radius, then do a sky dive and book a reflexology session.

Where do you go to get a taste of home? 
My home is splashed with things that remind me of London.

What one thing could they introduce to Dubai that would immeasurably improve the quality of your life?
Common sense when it comes to rent; the prices are ridiculously high and continue to rise.

If you had to spend AED100,000 in a single Dubai shop, which one would you choose and what would you buy?
Emirates Airline shop where I would fly over my family and friends.

What do you do in Dubai that you never do anywhere else in the world?
I’ve sky-dived twice and its one of the most beautiful views over the Palm!