Fitness Apps: Personal Trainer Coach Mike on the best apps help you reach your health and fitness goals

Personal trainer Mike Oyac picks his favourite fitness apps to help you get through the Dubai fitness challenge and beyond
Fitness Apps: Personal Trainer Coach Mike on the best apps help you reach your health and fitness goals
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07 Nov 2018 AT 03:51 PM
07 Nov 2018 AT 03:51 PM

Could a fairly unfit regular bloke achieve a complete fitness transformation with limited spare time to do so? We tested it out, and Mike has given us the right apps to keep that fitness push going forward when a personal trainer isn't available. 

There’s always enough time to get in shape, it’s finding the motivation to not look like a deflated balloon that’s the toughest. Start by heading to the App Store and downloading the applications to help you get your feet off the ground.

Apple Watch Work Out App 

The Apple Watch Work Out app will help you track a wide variety of the workouts: from outdoor running and HIIT training to yoga and Pool Swim by using custom motion and heart rate algorithms to accurately measure active and total calorie burn. No matter what event you decide to join, be it the Color Run or the Dubai Spartan Race, you’ll be able to measure your progress. on-the-go.

Nike Training Club

This personal training app provides over 185 free workouts from strength and endurance to mobility and yoga. If a structure is what you’re looking for, there are personalised training plans which will keep you focused on accomplishing your goals. One important advantage is that you can add your own activities done outside what the app offers. This is perfect if you’re signing up to any of the Dubai 30x30.

Breathe in 

Medical experts have long maintained that deep-breathing exercises can provide a wide range of health benefits from stress relief to cardiovascular improvements. Breathing consciously can be a wonderful tool to help you relax, reduce stress and anxiety, sleep better, and live a mindful life. Remind yourself to take a couple of minutes per day to relax in your own mindspace.

Fit Men Cook 

One of the strong believers of striking the right nutritional balance is the Fit Men Cook app which provides healthy and practical recipes that are on budget. The app’s philosophy is food should be easy to prepare, never boring, and affordable. With over 500 healthy recipes, I love that you have the option to scale up or down a recipe, generate your shopping list, and keep track of calories.


This app has one goal – to wake up its users up by exercising. It sounds horrifying, but it’s effective, especially for beginners who want to kick-start the day energized. Wakeouts runs a short series of three exercises that you can do from your bed in your pyjamas, including waving your arms in the air, crunches, and punching your pillow. It’s definitely a secret weapon against daytime sleepiness.

Sweat Deck

If you want a new and fun way to get fit, this app is the answer. Sweat Deck is a deck of cards exercise app that will help you mix up your fitness routine with an endless combination of easy and effective workouts. It’s simple: a different workout is assigned to each card in the standard deck, and shuffled into a random order. Your workout then depends on your luck that day. Burpees or star jumps?

Zombie Run

This is an ultra immersive running game and audio adventure that you have to try. Every run becomes a mission where you’re the hero, with an audio drama that puts you at the centre of your very own zombie story. While you run to the perfect mix of heart-pumping sounds and songs from your own playlist, you’ll collect supplies to grow your base back home.  It’s survival of the fittest, after all..


Tracking is more than calorie counting, it’s being aware of and taking responsibility for what and when you eat. This app learns about the foods you eat, the recipes you cook and the exercises that are part of your routine, and prompts you to save the foods and activities you enter often. MyFitnessPal provides instant feedback on your choices to remind you about your healthy eating path.