09 Jun 2019 AT 02:29 PM

Everything you need to know about Dubai Sports World 2019

Temperatures are heating up, but that doesn’t mean an end to your sporting involvement
09 Jun 2019 AT 02:29 PM
Everything you need to know about Dubai Sports World 2019

This summer, Dubai World Trade Centre  will be setting up a host of indoor stadium’s for this year’s Dubai Sports World.

We all know how it is in Dubai when summer well and truly kicks in. Quite frankly, it’s an effort to even walk around for five minutes, never mind running your feet into the ground for a full 90.

The sporting action has to move inside, and thankfully Dubai World Trade Centre is on hand to ensure it’s a smooth transition. The venue will be bringing outdoor sports into a 25,000 square metre air conditioned space, ensuring you will still be able to channel your inner Harry Kane, or Rodger Federer, throughout the summer months here in the city.

Whether it’s football, basketball or tennis you’re into, all of your needs will be catered for at Dubai Sports World 2019, regardless of your ability level. Just because it’s the summer, it doesn’t mean your sporting involvement needs to be put on the backburner. Far from it, in fact. Now’s the time to step up.

There are plenty of different ways for you to get involved, too. From getting together with a group of friends and renting a pitch, or court, to joining a sports group in order to hone your skills, or even facing off against another team in a competitive game of football or cricket.

It’s not just about the team element, either, with those sporty folk who prefer to go it alone able to compete in sports such as table tennis, badminton and muay thai throughout the summer months.

You will also be able to take part in fitness classes, as well as tackle the trapeze and acrobratics if you fancy getting involved in something a bit more adventurous. Either way, there is plenty on offer for everybody, so make sure you head down.

When: June 19-September 10
Where: Dubai World Trade Centre
Contact: dubaisportsworld.ae