chosen few

THE CHOSEN FEW: Marks & Spencer’s mini bites
The greatest party snack tubs known to man are now available in Dubai Marina
THE CHOSEN FEW: Namshi home wear products
The online fashion retailer is branching out into new territories and we like it
THE CHOSEN FEW: New gents perfumes
Smart, snappy citrus scents for the new season
Gear up for the hiking trip that you’ve been promising yourself all summer
For when you don’t have time to go full glam
Surf the holographic wave with these new products
Instead of grabbing a chocolate bar, try these healthy takes on the mid-morning snack
Just don’t use these indoors. Please…
Or, as we like to call them, the answer to your summer makeup woes
Edoardo Stroppiana, of AirSelfie, on photo gadgets to use with your smartphone
Take your computer out and about with these fashionable cases
A set of futuristic grooming gear from
The blow-up based kit you should be sporting poolside
Our Chosen Few segment on DubaiEye - June 18, 2015