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Celebrate the Holy Month of Ramadan with true Arabian hospitality and Middle Eas
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A delectable Arabic buffet and stunning views await you at this chic venue
Predicted dates of Eid al-Fitr 2018 announced
This is when Ramadan is expected to finish
Break your fast in one of the most elegant venues around
Breathing views and a moreish intercontinental feast awaits you
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There’s a choice of Indian, Japanese and more
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The lavish venue is the place for those looking re-focus in utmost harmony
Make Jumeirah your first choice to help break your fast this Ramadan
And, the public transport operating hours have been announced
A quick guide to the Holy Month for expats
Saudi Moon Sighting Committee has confirmed the news
The Holy Month is expected to start this week
If a crescent moon is spotted, the Holy Month will start tomorrow