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The Crash Detection Feature on Apple’s iPhone 14 and Apple Watch is buggy



Apple iPhone 14 And Apple Watch Crash Detection Feature Is Buggy

The “Crash Detection” feature is now available in iPhone 14 and Apple watches. It’s a great feature that Apple has already been using in its apps, but there’s one major problem with it: It doesn’t work well yet.

Apple introduced a new iOS 14 that automatically contacts emergency services if your iPhone is involved in a severe accident.

Unfortunately, the new feature has some bugs that may not work as it should. The quality, which debuted in September, sends alerts to the police when a driver is in an accident, giving them a chance to take action. 

What Is The “Crash Detection” Feature?

Apple says, “When you’re in a car accident, your Watch can detect the impact and use the accelerometer to detect the impact of the crash and send an emergency message to emergency contacts with your current location.” The feature is called “Crash Detection.”

Apple iPhone 14 And Apple Watch: Crash Detection Feature Is Buggy

In this feature, if the Apple device detects any accident, it will give a countdown along with an alarm for up to 10 seconds; if it does not react to the warning, it will automatically contact the emergency number 911. 

The Problem with Crash Detection Feature:

iPhone 14 owners have been complaining about the phone’s Crash Detection feature because it seems triggered by everything. 

The “Crash Detection” feature of the most recent Apple Watch and iPhone 14 may trigger an automatic call to emergency personnel even during a roller coaster ride caused by the roller coaster’s sudden sharp turns, sudden stops, and sudden accelerations, which could cause a person’s blood pressure to go up, leading to a heart attack. But, this ride is meant for amusement, not any accident, which the AI of the iPhone cannot understand.

The iPhone 14 Pro got on a 109-feet-tall roller coaster ride at a theme park. Although the handset was in a protective case, the phone’s crash detection feature alerted and contacted emergency services for help. When the emergency services rushed to the site to find that there was no crash, it was just a malfunction of the crash detection feature of the iPhone 14. 

Six crash calls to the police were made by iPhone users at Kings Island amusement park. Those calls have now been revealed. The people who made the calls were at the amusement park on a Saturday night and were on the Beast roller coaster when an emergency call was placed to the police. 

These detected emergency calls, when unanswered by the iPhone users, contacted emergency services by calling 911 with a scary voice note that, due to some accident at the given location, the owner of this phone is unable to respond to their phone. Not only this but also the iPhone also recorded and sent the voice scream of the roller coaster riders to the police.

Why Did Such Incidents Take Place?

There are some similarities between a roller coaster ride and a car accident. You’re sitting in a seat on your roller coaster as it slowly makes its way up the first hill, and then you hear the screams of riders.

You’ll have to tell your boss that you have to take off for the day because it looks like you just experienced a car crash. This is because the G-forces experienced in both situations are the same, which led the iPhone AI to confusion and led to calling emergency services.


  • Crash Detection is a feature Apple introduced in their latest iPhone update that automatically sends crash reports to Apple when a user is experiencing a severe crash.
  • The feature was recently criticized by a group of iPhone users who claimed that the quality was not working correctly.
  • The ‘Crash Detection feature is meant to detect and report severe crashes, even when users cannot write on themselves.
  • This feature even got enabled when iPhone users took a roller coaster ride and sent an emergency message to the police that the user had suffered an accident.
  • This ride is meant for amusement, not any accident, which the AI of the iPhone cannot understand.
  • G-forces experienced in a car accident and a roller coaster ride is the same, allowing the iPhone to send emergency messages.

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