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Google Watch Are Soon Will Be Out But You Better Love Android



Google Watch Are Soon Will Be Out, But You Better Love Android

There’s a reason to be super excited for all smartwatch enthusiasts out there. Google, for the first time ever, has come up with its smartwatch. They are launching this Pixel watch in association with Fitbit, posing strong competition for Apple’s wearables. However, the catch is that the Fitbit watch works only with Android phones. This is a fitting reply to the Apple watch that is compatible only with iPhones. 

All geared for its launch on Thursday, the Pixel watch has a sleek, appealing design. With a round face, it has more resemblance to that of a traditional watch. Featuring Fitbit’s health monitoring software, the Pixel watch is priced at $350. The pricing is quite competitive as against the Apple watch’s price tag of $400.

Years back, Fitbit was one of the popular brands in the fitness-tracking bracelets and tiny pedometers space. However, later the company went through a rough patch, their sales nosedived and finally, in 2021 Google acquired Fitbit for $2.1 billion.

Feature-Wise Comparison Of Pixel And Apple Watches

Google Watch Are Soon Will Be Out But You Better Love Android

Here’s a head-to-head comparison of Pixel and Apple watches.

  • Installation

For using the Pixel watch, first, you need to link the device to an Android phone. Go to Google’s app store, download the Pixel watch app and you are all set to use the watch. It is the same as the Apple watch’s setup where you have to link your vitals with the iPhone. 

  • Fitness features

Once you have downloaded the Fitbit app, the next step is to set up an account. In the Pixel watch, there’s a huge reliance on the Fitbit software. To check the details of a workout, just press the side button and select the Fitbit Exercise app. Now, you have a wide range of workouts to choose from ranging from hiking, bicycling, and martial arts. As per one of the initial reviews,  the Pixel watch consistently displayed a lower heart rate in comparison to the Apple watch. However, Google claims that their heart-rate tracking is precise and they use an algorithm, different from that of Apple.

  • Tracking features

The Pixel Watch comes with a hand-washing timer app, ie. a 20-second countdown. Before you wash your hands, just press a button and it gets activated. Unfortunately, Apple had introduced the same feature, in fact, an advanced one where the watch automatically detects once the water is splashed on your hands.

Both watches tell you the amount of time you have slept. However, the Pixel scores a tad higher as it rates the quality of your sleep which is missing in Apple.

  • Battery life

When it comes to a battery charge, the Pixel watch’s battery charge lasts for a few hours more when compared to Apple.

  • Other features

Unlike the Apple phone, you can use the Pixel phone for mirroring notifications for text messages and for making a call. Pixel has a circular face whereas the Apple watch with a rectangular face and more pixels resembles a calculator watch.


Here is the final verdict. Buying this smartwatch purely depends on whether you prefer an Android or Apple interface. If you are a hardcore Android fan, and measuring the heart rate is not a priority, then a Pixel watch best serves your purpose.

On the other hand, the Apple Watch is built with more sophisticated features such as a body temperature sensor that predicts ovulation making it the apt accessory to buy if you are an iPhone fan. However, as said earlier, it all depends on how comfortable you are in switching to an Android or Apple environment. 

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