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Threats Have Overwhelmed More Than 50% Of UAE Cybersecurity Experts



More Than 50% Of UAE Cybersecurity Professionals Are Overwhelmed By Threats

Cybersecurity has always been an issue for major countries and even for UAE, cybersecurity has been a worrying sign for them. But if it has to be for the security professionals, then they are considering it as a boon for them as they will be having a perfect time to test and deploy the security systems in the coming times.

The current security system has been termed of no use and hence in a survey conducted, it was reported that the majority of the people are looking at these security systems as poor and hence are demanding some updates along with a new system to be introduced for security purposes. 

Besides all the polls and reports, 54 percent of the people have termed the current models as baseless and hence are taking this as one of the biggest work frustrations.

Moreover, the lapse in security has been affecting several residents of the UAE on a daily basis and hence they have been demanding a better security system for their privacy.

Apart from it, the revenue problem is at the top for the UAE residents and hence they have been demanding a better system.

Currently, these security systems hold no value in terms of privacy and hence people have been demanding new systems now. 

Security Options

In a recent survey, the results came out that UAE SecOps teams are having the only security solutions that are already in the system. And with this security system, the issues are already there because many of the solutions are not even proceeding till the end which is a major lapse in the security of the users.

More Than 50% Of UAE Cybersecurity Professionals Are Overwhelmed By Threats

In the other surveys conducted, some points have come out. The surveys conducted have been a proper thing that is indicating poor security systems and hence for the benefit of the people, it is essential to have new security systems on which around 59 percent of the people have been working on it. 

The General Manager of Trellix in UAE, Vibin Shaju has identified that Siloed security systems are just acting as an easy route for the threat actors and hence they are able to access the systems easily. Even after knowing the truth about all this, many organizations are still accepting siloed security and are continuing with it. Ideally, they should be looking for alternatives to it or should try to upgrade the system after looking at the adaptive securities present there. Furthermore, the previous security systems installed are already having outdated features and hence the problem must be taken seriously. 

Moreover, Vibin Shaju has been looking to create awareness among the organizations present in today’s time that have been struggling with security purposes. However, in his statement given by him, he said that the organizations need to put in a better effort, and if they are unable to proceed with it, then nothing is going to change in the security world. He further stated that organizations need to accept the fact that their security is essential to upgrade the company. 

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