Sheikh Mohammed launches UAE Artificial Intelligence strategy

With a Robocop patrolling the city’s malls, drones monitoring the streets and ample machines in place to make services quicker and more efficient, it’s safe to say that Dubai well and truly loves technology. So much so, that His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and … Read more

Dubai’s solar powered palm trees offer beach-goers phone charging and Wifi

Have you seen these high-tech looking ‘palm trees’ around Dubai? Each Smart Palm Tree is a charging station for mobile phones and offers Wifi and internet services – you’ll see them on the city’s public beaches and at parks. Images tweeted by Dubai Media Office today are a reminder that people can use the internet … Read more

How To Make Music Sound Louder On iPhone? Let’s Know The Simple Hack

How To Make Music Sound Louder On iPhone Lets Know The Simple Hack

If you’re listening to your iPhone out loud (which you definitely shouldn’t be doing on the bus, by the way), there’s not much you can do once you hit max volume. There are a bunch of largely false urban myths – putting your phone inside a glass, for example – that don’t really work that well.  But now, thanks … Read more

iPhone 7: All You Need To Know

iPhone 7 All You Need To Know

Much like the fate of Jon Snow, we also know nothing about Apple’s iPhone 7. Nobody, save the few people involved in its design and development, knows anything for certain. However, by virtue of production lines, insider discussion and the occasional prototype going walkabout, the internet is already awash with rumours surrounding Apple’s next major iPhone. As it begins … Read more

Best 5 E-Readers: All You Need To Know

Best 5 E-Readers All You Need To Know

Earlier this year, the head of a global book chain stated interest in e-readers was waning. This came soon after Amazon announced 30 million of the class-leading Kindle devices had been sold since the first hitting the market in 2007. Whatever the truth, e-Readers appear here to stay. So with the holiday season upon us, … Read more