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The Next Apple iPhone Could Have An All-New Charging System



Apple iPhone have a completely new charging system

According to a report, Apple’s next iPhone is likely to be launched with USB-C charging. 

The lawmakers in the European Parliament have approved a law on charging systems. The law requires electronics such as mobile phones, tablets, and cameras that are sold in the European Union to be equipped with type C charging ports by the end of 2024. 

Apple can change its current chargers. Currently, Apple uses proprietary lightning charges that are completely different from USB-C. However, the change could be implemented in iPhone 15 in 2023.

Apple’s Next iPhone Launched With An USB-C Charging

The chief analyst at CCS insights, Ben Wood, earlier said ” It is now inevitable that Apple will capitulate and transition to USB on the next iPhone when it arrives in 2023. ” 

Apple's Next iPhone Launched With An USB-C Charging

In a follow-up conversation with CNBC, he says ” My thinking is that Apple has already moved to USB-C on iPad Pro and MacBook. So, the transition has already started. iPhone 14 was quite iterative. iPhone 15 can be a bigger step in the design. Therefore, it will be a good time to make the change.” 

Currently, rumors are going on that Apple is exploring USB-C for the next iPhone. Which could be called off, if the traditional naming convention is continuous. 

In May Bloomberg reported that Apple is currently testing future iPhone models with USB-C that might come out in 2023. 

Is Apple Going To Change The Charging System Globally? 

Bryan Ma, the technology history analyst at IDC believes that if Apple is going to switch to USB-C next year then the technology giant can make changes for the iPhone globally, not just for the EU. 

He further added that likely it would make sense that they can scale out of moving to this common charger globally. Rather than having to make individual parts separately. Unless they think that they are making so much money from these parts and accessories If they are ready to maintain those separate boxes.

However, Apple, they are already getting ready and making preparations for USB-C. Eventually, in a couple of years, the change will bring more competition for Apple in charging ports. Their competitors like Samsung already have USB-C. 

However, the preparations by Apple have already begun with its regulatory shift. The Tech giant is now developing a future iPhone model with USB-C compatibility. Rather than their regular proprietary lighting system. According to the reports, the fully implemented system might not appear in the iPhone before 2023.

Apple recently released their latest iPhone model 14 in September considering the model and specification the phone can range from $799 to $1599.

As per the proposal approved by the European Parliament, it would be applied to all the phone tablets that are sold within the Europe Union at the beginning of fall 2024.

So if not globally Apple have to make a new system for the European Union to sell their iPhone from 2024. 

Ben Wood talks about the USB-C port. Also, Apple has a huge base installed of lighting cable power devices. The use of USB-C across all consumer repeat products means harmonizing USB-C. 

The lawmakers are you about the front charging requirements creating waste. The legislation believes that Shoppers will not like to purchase a new charger every time they buy a new electronic tool

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