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UAE Offers Special Visas To Encourage Tech Companies



UAE Offers Special Visas To Encourage Tech Companies

Hello Dubai lovers! We have news for you. The United Arab Emirates is all in need of tech firms. Now tech firms can enjoy various benefits that will be exclusive in the UAE from special visas to financing benefits. It was reported that Dubai’s NextGen program is aimed to entice over 300 digital firms. 

For those running in the Asian and European hubs, the UAE is already attracting them with their potential. You can enjoy various business licenses and other employee benefits along with a long-term residency in the United Arab Emirates. It will be localized to Dubai people and now the business strategy is attracting many technological firms and companies. 

Uae Tries To Promote Tech Companies With Special Visas

More than 300 digital firms are invited to Dubai. The news was reported straight by the Minister of State for foreign trade. The Gulf countries have already launched many technological firms in the country.

UAE Offers Special Visas To Encourage Tech Companies

The program already started in July and now next year is aiming to target more markets. Thani Al Zeyoudi made this statement in an interview about the new changes and we all cannot wait!

It was one of the quickest responses post the pandemic, the UAE has never been so liberal concerning its visa policies and other work-related sectors. If you are a banker, a fund manager, or another community trader, they have everything for you. The UAE made it easy for people to live and offered many such benefits.

The government is enticing companies and running comprehensively across food technology, robotics, and other Blockchain to establish global and regional goals of the country. It is going to be the next middle eastern business hub with many global financial firms. Many of these firms are relocating by 2024.

 It is the next big move for the small businesses that want to make it up in the country. The UAE is in full support of the same and has also offered many companies to relocate during the inflation and the regulatory environment that was tightened due to the coronavirus. Hong Kong, Singapore, and other countries are all targeted in this program for people to get here and have an official stamp for their small businesses.

If you are a digital business entrepreneur, you can even get a faster way to have business licensing and easy banking features with the new program. You may also get the 10-year UAE residency which is commonly known as the golden visa. It can assist you with various benefits like finding housing and school admissions for your children. You will also enjoy other health benefits offered by the government of the UAE. 

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