Tourist Spending In Dubai Ranks First In The World

The Post Pandemic phase is set in all around the world and the tourism sector is predicted to face a considerable boost as travel restrictions are almost lifted from most countries. According to a report by World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), the middle east nations and Asia pacific regions are expected to get a high rate of growth in the tourism sector.

Dubai is projected to have the highest tourist spending of $29.4 billion according to the 2022 International Visitor spending forecast report. The report states that after the pandemic, there was a change in demand for major tourist cities as people now preferred to travel to small, rural places than big cities.

The Higher Visitor Spend $29.4bn

Coastal destinations were also on the preference list. It is also projected that in the next ten years, cities like Jeddah, Riyadh, and other regions in Asia pacific will bring in more direct travel and tourism GDP.  

Dubai Ranks First In Tourist Spending, Higher Visitor Spend $29.4bn

The 2022 FIFA world cup organized in Qatar has resulted in a massive tourism boost in Doha. It will benefit Dubai also as most of the tourists who come to watch the FIFA world cup will surely visit Dubai before leaving back to their homelands.

Also, the tourists who are visiting for FIFA are planning to stay back in Dubai till Christmas as the FIFA world cup ends on December 18. Most of the major tourist spots like Burj Khalifa, Museum of the future, etc. are all completely booked. Another reason for preferring Dubai as a major tourist spot is the wide range of options like the availability of multiple stay options, tourist destinations, and airline connectivity.

Around one million people are expected to travel to Dubai as part of the world cup, Christmas, and new year. Dubai also offers more than double the amount of hotel rooms when compared to hotel availability in Doha. The travel distance from Doha to Dubai is around seven hundred kilometers and there are both air and road modes of transport available.

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From January to June this year, the tourist visits in Dubai reached around 7.2 million and this was a huge boost since people had to finally start coming out after the pandemic years. The figure in 2019, before the  covid-19 pandemic, was around 8.3 million. So the 2022 figures are definitely pointing toward an upward trend in tourist activity in the UAE. Gulf countries reported a total increase of thirty-four percent in the number of tourists during the first six months of 2022 whereas major European destinations recorded only twenty-two percent.                   

As part of the revival phase of tourism in 2022, countries like Saudi Arabia are also focusing on making themselves a tourism-dominant nation.

The Saudi administration has started multiple tourism initiatives to draw in tourists in the coming years. The Red Sea Film festival organized by the Red Sea Film Festival Foundation is a major initiative in this direction. This year also, the film festival was conducted in Jeddah with great grandeur and a lot of eminent film personalities from across the world attended the function. For a nation that reopened the theaters in 2018 after a long thirty-five-year ban, organizing a film festival of this stature is definitely impressive.

This shift in preference for middle eastern regions as a major tourist destination is seen as the next big boom for nations like UAE that are planning to convert themselves to a service sector-based economy that focuses on tourism, tech, and innovative business investments. The crown prince of Dubai, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum said that the main focus of the Dubai administration is to strive towards making Dubai the top tourist destination in the world.     

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